This headshots session was far one of the funnest I've had in a while. Nicole likes a little louder music, a little heavier music and as you will tell has an infectious smile. Nicole and I met up for my standard headshot studio session at my studio in Downtown Portland Maine. I call i've been calling it the Old Port area, but I guess the entire city to me is an Old Port. My standard headshots session includes basically all the outfits we can shoot in the time frame and also as many hair looks as we could. 

It's really important if you are thinking about getting your headshots done, that you have your Hair and Makeup done specifically for photography. It makes such a difference when we start seeing your images pop up at on the studio 60" monitor.  But don't worry, if you are on a tight budget, that's cool, just know that your final image(s) will be completely touched up in the post production process. 

Nicole rocked our time and she has a lot more images that Im showing here, but these are the images she will get to tote around grabbing the $100,000 job she deserves. She has such a big heart and is on a huge adventure currently! I wish her the very best and hope for safety! 

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