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A HUGE thank you for stopping by! I know your probably trying to figure out what all the buzz is going about with Senior Portraits in Portland Maine. It's definitely not like it used to be, and it's worth the investment! And I hope you commission me to create some epic senior portraits for your daughter or son! 

I'm a straight to the point human, so let's address your major questions. "How much do you charge?" Let's talk about what all photographers are charging these days. "The Session Fee." This was put into place to protect the photographer from clients who don't purchase prints and products after the shoot. Photographers who are running a business need to get paid for their time and when they would put in so much work before the shoot, processing the images, and the ordering session and not making a livable wage (I can't speak for other photographers, but our seniors session we put in about 10-20 hours per with my assistants and staff ). Photographers would do a bunch of work and clients would want to pay $300. That was the birth of the "fear charge". Photographer decided to value the hours they spent setting up and shooting your session. After Taxes, Multiple Insurances and Equipment and Staff. They were taking home around $120 of that @$20 hours of work, that's $6.00 an hour! Trust me I'm not trying to preach, just educate on what to expect and why. :)

I don't charge a session fee. I sticking to the "Commission Portraits" aspect. You are hiring me to create portraits of your son or daughter. I believe that my clients find my value is in the entire session experience and wall art and heirloom products I offer. I say all this to target my ideal clients, and I really hope you the reader are my target client. 


My sessions are 100% personalized, so there is a lot of communication going on here people! It's about us having a model moment and just escaping for a day to what's it's like to have your own personal photographer. Sessions can be 2 hours or 4. We just let things happen!


Free People, Anthropologies,  Forever 21 is my clients stye, and it the style is so much fun to shoot!  I'm not to be compared to another photographer, My art isn't the same, and what I offer isn't 100% the same. I like to say that my I'm the Louis Vuitton of Photographers while other photographers might be Walmart.

My clients spend an average of $900, but have had clients spend over $3,000 wall art and heirloom albums at their ordering session, but I don't have an minimums and I don't sell you, just give you options. We all have budgets, some higher and some lower.


Start getting creative! Start searching Pinterest for designer, fashion posing, and styles online.  Don't look at senior stuff, as I want to do something different that everyone else! 






I really love taking a person and having them draw out some things they wouldn't typically share in front of a camera. Peoples first instinct when they get their senior portraits don't is "Cheesy Mom Smiles." CMS can be a very dangerous if not treated correct. Luckily, I am not like doctor when it comes to fixing CMS. Here are a couple of my favorites with a flair for some senior model rawr!