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The 9 Degrees Headshot | Old Portland Maine | Wedding Photographer Brittany Jones

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I had an amazing time with Patrick during our hour-long head shot session in downtown Portland Maine.  I knew I wanted to use Old Port because I love it so much, but wasn’t exactly sure where.  Patrick saw angles and colors I never would have thought of and I LOVE my new headshots!!  We had a blast and he really put me at ease since I hate having my picture taken.  I felt like a million bucks, and actually have pictures of myself that I am proud of!
— Brittany Jones - Portland Maine

There is no churching it up! I thought this chic was a hottie, so when she asked if she could hire me to shoot her headshots I said, "I will have to check my schedule and see if I can get her on the books for this week." The only day I had open was expected to be single digits in Portland. Maine has been colder than normal this year, but I knew it was coming. We ran around Old Port and got some great shots in about 30 mins (although it was a full one hour session, it was so cold we had to stop.. I literally couldn't feel my fingers as I was dialing each shot).

Here are all the shots in a cut sheet look. You can also see a couple images on our Headshot Page. You can even pop on too Brittany's Facebook page or website or http://www.SomethingNew.Photography

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