Shoot Right; Don't Forget to Look Left.

When I first started photography 4.5 years ago, I was always shooting over exposed. I mean like 1.5+ stops over exposed or even 1 stop under exposed. I would hear other photographers tell me, "oh that's fine, I do it all the time, you can fixed that right up in Post."  I listen for about 1 photoshoot and then said they are wrong and I wont be like that. 

The image on the left is the RAW, Straight out of Camera. RAW is digital for a Film Negative, It must be processed just like you would drop that roll off at the Photo Market in Portland Maine. 

I was tweeted by a student with the social media club from Catherine McAuley High School to go out and take some sports images of them. I had a break in my schedule and would do anything for this school! This was my first time shooting swimming, but I have always though it might be cool to do. I upped the contrast, changed my color temperature and then removed giant awkward jump block thingy. That's it.  You have to be able to shoot properly so you can have time to be able to quickly get annoying things out of your shot. Not properly exposed images,  "aint no body got time for that!"

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