Perception can change your perception

I took this shot on purpose and meant to write a blog, but things just got so messy and busy! 

I don't mind putting people up against a wall or anything, but I do find that it can, at some angles, make my subject look flat. As an artist I want my subjects to look their very best, and even down right gorgeous! 

In this image below I had my subject first sit pushed up against the wall. In the next frame I had her lean forward about 12" without adjusting the lower half of her body. Not only does the image look more three demential, but I think the lens elongates her face at the same focal distance (70mm), and is able to draw you into my subject instead of having your eyes draft around the image. Lastly, you will notice that the background is actually more out of focus. 12" at f/2.8, 70mm and 3.5ft from my subject can dramatically change the Depth of Field of the background. Of course don't forget to make sure you are refocusing (those of you/us who manual focus :)

So, get out and try this! Get your subjects on the wall and then have them lean their torso forward, chin up and take frame to see if you like it! Best of luck and Keep shooting! 

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