I love love love time lapses -I started shooting them Technically in 2001, but didn't know the name of what I was doing. One of my first jobs out of High School I was working for a TV station and would film downtown and timeramp record to one tape while have the other tape shutter forward as fast as I could. This was called Non-Linear Editing, and what was used in Motion Picture, and where learned how to do it.  I started training as a High Definition Cinematographer and I ended up purchase my own gear. Learned it was hackable, and did a hack where it opened possibilities far ahead of it's time. Im talking about Shooting Shutter angles (film peeps know what this is all about) and shooting 2fps with those shutter angles. Led to many 2 hour of shooting clouds, traffic, airports and in rain and snow. 

Time is the only thing inescapable. It moves forward with or without our consent. (hmm I should trademark that)... Film / TV / Photography is the only thing that we can visually look at the past.

I spend about 45mins out today about 10mins from my house. I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek, and come back tomorrow and read this as I will add several video clips to this blog showing some of my past time lapses! 


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