Fire Chief On Fire!

I've never met the South Portland Fire Chief before. I'm not gonna lie, I was totally caught off guard. I was expecting a big guy, 250, 300lbs. White hair and a killer 1970s thick white handle-bar mustache, but I get a young, fit and certainly clean shaven man.

This man is a true native old Maineiac minus who whole ancient. Approachable and nice and all business. I told him Non-Patrick (short) version of the story of how the image came about, and it was awesome to see his eyes brighten up and show a sense of pride in his Crew! 

He also showed and made me a copy of a letter that he recently received from a local woman who had be blessed by the fire department. I'll post that later in the comments, but have to scan it first. :) Anyways. long story longer... Here is my Fire Chief, and a man men follow into the blazes to protect and save those the midst of tragedy. 

IF you are in this photo, the Chief has 2 5x7 copies for you and your family. If you need more, just give me (Photographer Patrick Jones) a call. If you would like a digital copy, hit up my personal page and you can use it as your cover photo, profile pic, and share it. Just please make sure you just put my website at in the description. Thanks so much! 


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