All Work and No Play Makes Firefighters Dull Boys/Girl

I have so much admiration for those who are serving people in any capacity. It was also nice to see them cut loose after changing their perception of what I was doing there. 

So I just finished the last day of shooting the headshots of the firefighters in South Portland Maine, and I wanted to make sure I got these up while the emotions are still peaking with enthusiasticness of having some fun in front of my lens. 

*A little Behind the Scene info!*
I was hired to shoot Headshots and wanted to do something I've never seen before with firefighters, let alone a normal headshots. I waned to bring a very shallow DOF, vibrant colors, creative surroundings, and complex lighting to be a more Hollywood Cinematic style. Lastly, I had to be able to replicate lighting and everything when I had to come back on day 2, which means the fire truck needed to be close to the same exact position and everything else for that matter. That was fun and exciting for me to recreate.

 These Headshots are something you would see in a Motion Picture. So we'll call them Hollywood Cinematic Headsets of our local heroes!. Here are some fun images that I captured from the two days! I'm sure I'll be back to shoot more! (cough cough - hire me please)

Here is the blog from Day 1 - Worth The Read

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