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You Wont Believe What I'm About To Do

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I shot this image to purposely draw your eye to the beautiful Talenti Gelato. In fact, try and you may find it hard to look at the fruit and keep your eyes there. That's because the way I lined the shot, it's meant draw your eyes to the sweet, yummy glory and keep you there. Everyday you are drawn to imagery to persuade you to buy into what's being sold. 

So back to the title of this blog.. I'm the photographer. I control light and lines and emotion. It's about time I do that with my life. Lastly, I made the focus of the image on the berries because I wanted to show sometimes that our focus can be on the wrong things at times. My focus has clearly been on the Gelato far too long. And now it's time to shift to something better for me. 

I sit here eating the last of this sweet buttery Sea Salt and Caramel glorious goodness and giving it up for the sweet organic God-given earth food that will make me healthy, fit, and even a bit sexier! Tonight I even signed up for a gym membership. Im telling you that I have never, and I do mean never paid for a membership. I did work for L.A. Fitness for a spell under Mr. California, but that didn't count cause I was like 14. 

So wish me luck, and keep your eye on this bod of mine, go from "Not to Hot." Wish me luck? 

Click here for a behind the scene image of my assistant being my human light stand for this shot

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