I've come to realize the larger the project, the longer the project. I'm excited to share this project that started several months ago and isn't quite finished. Now, you'll see the Portraits that I created are finished, but what you won't see is them hanging on the wall just quite yet.  The Temple which is located right downtown next to the Portland Maine City Hall Building is being renovated (well not the whole building, just the room that we are hanging these. 

This was a referral job, and you think those jobs would be easier to walk in with confidence, but they actually come with a lot more pressure to produce. Not really the sleepless night pressures, but the pressure to perform.  I was given a task to match the previous lighting style and also to improve on the lighting since they didn't like some elements of what was created before.

We decided not to shoot at my studio but rather in the Temple so I can draw some creative energy from the space. It was so amazing to be in such an old building, with real, super large Tiffany glass. That place is a giant mystery puzzle! 

Lastly, I put together some frames that matched the 150 year old frames, and then added the hand stretched canvases inside the frames and carefully nailed into their place. (Lastly, when the paint is dried, I'll hang them among the others, Hoping the art and clients stand out just a little more than the others.

So here are the portraits, I hope you love the lighting and their uniforms metals and details they spent so much blood, sweat, tears to earn! 

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