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The Originals (Vampires and Photographers)

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My happy little crayola box here is a great example of humor that rings true to anyone who knows an goth/emo person. I have known far too many, and still know several who haven't. 

In the box you'll notice a couple colors that stand out, white, reds and even color in the purple family. (Im saying that cause I cant figure out how to spell the color I want to type out). 

I'm addicted to my stories! After a little Vampires Diaries it only made sense to watch, "The Originals." As much as I appreciate a good 2nd and 3rd generation and really appreciate a hybrid, I have learned that it's better to be "an Original" There are many that chase the style of others, and if that's what fulfills their  artistic desires than that's cool. I want to be more, I want to be unique and challenge myself. I want to be the best I can be, and even sometimes set a bar for others to reach towards. So ,any photographers are shades of black and greys. Even a little color will make you stand out in a box of crayolas. Have a great week!!!!!

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