I really really love this lighthouse. It's so nice and quiet in this small city on the coast of Maine. I say small in comparison to my home town of Los Angeles, but it's near equal the size of Portland. I've coined Portland; NoPo, and SoPo (someone else coined) ;o But just a perfect size for me.

I'm pretty sure that if you ask anyone about this lighthouse it's best known as Bug Light, but if you go back enough you'll find it used to be a community named Bug Light with houses and all that neighborhood goodness! However, Bug Lighthouse isn't the name, it's really Breakwater Lighthouse which was first constructed in 1855 and then rebuilt out of the steel in 1875.

South Portland has a rich history in community pride and supporting local businesses over corporate driven ones. It's so charming and I love charming and I love charming as much as Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek. Also I need to add that Downtown and Old Port, NoPo is only around 1.5 miles away, over a long long long draw bridge. 

So in "light" of all of this (and as normal for all my lighthouse images I've been shooting) I didn't want to create an standard image that looks like every other photographers image. I am an Artist after all. I wanted this image dark and moody with more than an hundred years  of stories of love and war pirates and maybe even some tourists.

I couldn't pick an which one I like better, but maybe you can help. Leave a comment below and let me know if you like the cover image or this one below better. 

Hope all is well in your neighborhood. 

Portland Maine Photographer - Bug Lighthouse

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