Miss Taylor!!!!! What can I say about her!!!! Too Much!!! South Portland Maine has one major mall. It's amazing! it's huge. It has a grip of stores to shop at for style! Senior photos are all about style. A time to really go all out and find clothes that you've always wanted to try on, and have your parents pay for them! After all it's a special occasion. 

They invested into our VIP Session, and that includes a 1 on 1 shopping with me. We enjoy stacks and just shop. The first store we went to was of course Forever 21, and she had these Green pants and this red and black polkadot shirt.. Bless her heart! She looked like a Watermelon! We ran through the store, since we only had an hour and half. We found some amazing great clothes and went all over the state of colorado. I was able to take this quiet girl and get her to come out of her shell and have a blast!