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Something's Under My House!

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I'm scared to go into my basement. A week ago this wasn't the case. If you live in a pre-war home it's most-likely has a couple built on home additions. My house is no exception. I have 3 additions. Under one of those additions has a 4" high "crawl space." So in the basement I can see into this crawl space and get into there from my basement, so last month I cleaned up any debris that was down there, and I must say that's the cleanest dirt I have ever smelled? (lol no joke). 

Back to why I'm sacred to go down there. I went down there the other day when it got really cold, and wanted just to check and see if anything had frozen.. I have no idea why it would freeze, but better safe than sorry. LOL.  I flashed my flash light into the crawl space and saw a trail of LEAVES and INSULATION and a 10" hole dung under un the block foundation...

So going into my basement creates an unstable environment for me. I fear that if I open my basement door, I will have some Rabid Badger coming at me. For now I guess I'll not go into my basement.... Should I keep you guys updated if I do and what I find in there?

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