It's weird that I have only been shooting photography the last 4ish years!!!! I've come a long way, and a TBH.... my hustle is paying off! It's a great time to be a business and although challenging as a photographer to be in business, it's about finding the right clients. 

So I sat down and decided to figure out who my ideal client is. So I have that narrowed down and this is the year I go after those clients! 

So I created this magazine so you can see my style. So here is my Right Hook. Please share it to you FB wall, Parents with Class of 2017, 2018 and 2019 will get a chance to see who they should choose for their kids Senior Portraits here in Portland. If you are a High Schooler please share on your FB wall or Twitter, so your friends can have another option for getting more than okay senior photos done. 

Season season is starting and like every year, I'll only be taking limited sessions. Also here is our moist radical slideshow!

thanks everyone! Comment on this blog letting me know you love it! 

Photographer Patrick Jones is specializes in High School Senior Photography, servicing Portland Maine, Yarmouth, Freeport, Cape Elizabeth, South Portland all the way to Los Angeles where is was born and raised.

Caffeine Creative is a Creative Agency, All things Marketing and Advertising whether Digital or Tangle.  Photographer Patrick Jones an Internationally Published Photographer from Los Angeles and now in Portland Maine. I own Caffeine Creative, a Creative Agency. I work with clients from the West Coast to East Coast. I've been doing Photography several years now, but have a long history in Design/Film/Television and Radio. I'm pretty passionate about espresso and making latte art. Follow me on Instagram (SurJones) to see a peak instead a my daily hustle!