If you know me at all - you should know that I grew up in LosA and SoCal. So nautical is in my DNA (ADN for you OCD/CDO people). In fact, Nautica is probably my fav go to cologne. I have 90% of when they gave come out with in the past 10 years. I digress... back to the shoot. No one was shooting Beach stuff in Denver... Oh wait.. Landlocked. Makes sense! I found the reservoir (knowing about it for YEARS!) had a beach. Man made, but SAND and water..  I went comping, and ran into it, and knew I had to shoot there. Along came Rylie.. She was the sweetest girl ever! Genuine, heart on sleeve Rylie. We connected  very fast as I am the same way. It was weird cause being a new photographer and all going to the Marina was like the first time I have ever stepped into one. I saw with new eyes. They were scared. I couldn't get the right eye to see angles, and figure out the sun and had an 1.5 hour session. Of course I didn't let all this anxiousness show, I just breathed in and composed. I think we got some amazing shots and she looks amazing!!!!!