PROM PHOTOS SUCK - A GAME I ALMOST LOST AT - Portland Prom Photographer

Prom is exciting for juniors and seniors. I've only been doing photography for a couple years now and on top of that moving to a state that we knew ZERO people made it scary to be able to run my business now in a new state.  This is technically my first full season with Seniors and I thought what a could I do to get my name out. I realized that you need to give in order to receive. So, I thought I would offer some Prom Photos to anyone who shows up.  I tweeted, I facebooked, I snapchatted, and I Instagrammed. I was all over it! I got almost ZERO response and I'm not going to lie, the inner artist kicked in and thought "man, I must really suck at photography."

May 14th came and it was time to keep my word and at least show up. I almost tweeted that was going to cancel to save me from the embarrassment.  I packed my truck, (or at least had my assistant do it) then I drove over to Eastern Promenade getting there just after 3pm. I tweeted where we were and then waited.... and I mean waited.. for a loooooooong 2.5 hours.... I walked around, stalked a couple wedding photographers who were shooting there down, and I was going to get back into the truck and head out, cut my losses, pay my assistant, and go grab large Italian at Dipietro's and whoopie pie myself to bed! 

5:40pm came around and the flood gates of prom heaven opened up. I mean it was a wicked nor' easter up in the E.P.. What seemed to be around 200-300 people I couldn't shoot fast enough. I couldn't craft all my lovely models the way I wanted, but I did get to get in a grove where I could get more than a 1 shot and yell "next", so I am super happy about that. 

Manners aren't social media connected, and they don't tag or talk or even seem to want to be seen, but I know the pics are out there floating around at least getting some likes. IG is a whole another story, but I get one love and mentions on those images! Imagine if I wouldn't have just up'ed and left. I felt defeated that no one was showing up, and I know that the Prom Would Have Gone On, but hopefully I was able to bring a little 207Senior Experience to their special Prom because I choice to keep my commitment to being there from 3pm-7pm :) I'm so honored and very grateful to have been apart of your day people! thanks! 

Please do not print, crop or alter these images in any way.  They are on FB so share, tag and let me know if you like them!

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