Portlands #1 Lobster Team

If you have never been to Maine, or have only been here on Vacation then wipe your opinions of it. It's one of the most amazing cities I've ever lived in. It's one of those hidden gems that "we locals" like to keep quiet about. People think it's small, with nothing to do, po-dunk town. I find that far from the reality. And yes, even I had those preconceived notions of Portland when I first visited 8.5 years ago. 

After some loop holes, and a lottery ticket I was hired to shoot Ready Seafood in Portland Maine. Any local will tell you the right times to stay out of Portland. One of those times is 11am-2pm  when the 2 largest Cruise Liners pop into town.  Let's look at the below image to say when I mean large, I mean large. Notice the 3 story building to the right. :) That was only one of them.... The streets were flooded with tourists trying to eat our food, buy our gifts, and taking my parking spots with their rental cars! The Portland Parking Nazis are hard enough to deal with, but dealing with them and the tourists is a tiny bit hell on earth. 

I found parking WAY down by Elevation burger, and I needed to be at that 3 story building in the image. That's got to be at least 5 blocks and I do have to take equipment with me you know!!!!! So I am making my way downtown, walking fast and not homebound. I didn't know what exactly I was shooting and I was a little nervous. I got inside and just started asking questions, and getting to know people. I even met one of the founders of the company and the dude was "wicked" nice! Now I did manage to take 195 frames that will be used internationally in marketing and *crossing fingers* purchased to be used locally as well.  I shot some personal images for my own "portfolio" and I wanted to share them with you. I wanted something edgy, but shows the REAL people behind the lemon buttery meat goodness you and us eat! (if you are lucky enough to get an actual Maine Lobstah right off the boats. #icananydayoftheweek #bejelly

So I hope you like these images of the owner and one of his staff (one of the chillest bearded inked bros I know).

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