I could write a funny story about my headshots (no I don't have, no I don't know who shot them) but the reality is that they are so important when it comes to booking work. You may have what it takes, but if your headshot or portfolio is not representing that then you are totally screwed. Growing up in the Hollyweird scene and rubbing shoulders with A-List actors..cough Schwarzenegger, cough  Stalone, cough Danza, cough Cube, Vanilla, Tea.. you can fill the rest in. I happen to know a few things I learned from them. Now I may not have followed but man If I would have.. just imagine what my stage name could have been... Patrick Malkovich, Patrick Stiller, Patrick Beiber, or heck maybe Patrick Patrick.. ya cause that's how rad I could have been. 

So if you are a model, actor, professional, look at your headshot and see really what it's saying about you. Even job hunting you are casting for the role. Might be worth the investment. If you are an actor, model or have a talent, please feel free to go and look at the 2 modeling agencies and see what other they are showing in terms of headshots/portfolio. Most suck saltwater. 

Meet Dylan. His friend said he might have what it takes to be a model. We talked. He booked. We coordinated and got a mood board together. We shot in my studio downtown and got a couple looks that will get him work. 

If you want to work with Dylan, please do, they guy has something going for himself.


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