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I like to create, shape and force light to do my will. I have been in this two-tone mood. I wondered if I could make headshots look two tone. First let me Say that shooting on White Seamless is one of my favorites. It's hard to make 255 white and keep it from splashing on your subject, it's in fact, pretty challenging even with flags. I have my subject 10ft from the seamless, and able to get around 250 white with 1 flash that's about 98%. Two flashes I get easily 255. 

I know as a vernal reader, you are saying, "the heck?" I know I know, but this is the info I have learned over 15+ years of working with light. So bear with me. My job as a photographer is to make you look your very best. That means I have 15mins to get to know you, make you comfortable in from of my giant camera, and get you for about 5 mins. I get all my good shots in the first and last 5 minutes. It's usually me being me. A 100% dork, but works well.

So back to two-tones. shaping the light before to be half and half was fun. Im a fan, and it's something I haven't seen before. It challenges me to be my best. I guess If I could challenge you to be the best, I would say go for it, fail and fail and fail, cause at some point you will succeed. 

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