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Portland Maine Food Photographer | Waiting to be seated

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We have dabbled in Food Photography WAY before we even thought about doing photography. In fact, it was my love for taking images of my food that opened a door for me to start to do photography for a living. I hated photographers and the whole photography thing. I said I would never do it for a living... blah blah blah... Wow, stubborn much?

We have shot cupcakes companies but that's about all. I'm not gonna church it up and pretend I am some huge Food Photographer here or shot for Chef Gordon Ramsey. I shoot all my mochas, happy birthday for all my high school senior facebook friends, and the vegan / gluten free food I eat.

So here I am letting all my Restauranteurs know that I am Open for business!! Letting all my foodie cookbook creators know I work on  Macro budget projects. See what I did there? 

I am thinking of doing a weekly challenge. 1 ingredient and the finished entree that the ingredient was in. So help me out. Comment in this blog and let me know that one ingredient that you think would be interesting to shoot.

Here is a couple from my cookbook shoot today :)

Portland Maine Vegan and Gluten Free Restaurant Cookbook

Food Photography in Portland Maine with Photographer Patrick Jones with AllAboutNow

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