I've had a huge passion for baseball, played and would have been drafted to the Angels or Dodgers, but decided that surfing would be a more fulfilling career path... umm lack of direction and mentorship much? There are no adult baseball leagues here in Maine, so softball it was. Softball makes me anxious. It's just too darn slow. In fact first 2 times up at bat were strike outs. LOL Shut up LOL. This past Fall season I've hit 30+ home runs out of every diamond in South Portland, Portland and Westbrook. So why am I establishing myself as a softball player? Because I found myself enjoying shooting it as much as I do playing it. It's all timing. I have around 350 milliseconds to try and get the shot, and she has the same time to hit the ball. Together we are a Team! If she doesn't hit the ball, or strikes out than I don't get the shot.. Reality is she isn't thinking about me, she is thinking about her team, and I am totally fine with that. So here is my FIRST time at bat Shooting softball. I got some great moments and can't wait till my 2nd time at bat! BT-Dubbs these girls crushed it! Both teams! They all played hard, and they all gave it best out there! Lastly, If you don't know who/what the Cancer Community Center is out in SoPo go check out their website NOW, they are doing some great things. And the team/ team families raised $1,000 (see pics inside)

Shanks for inviting me girls, it was most radical! Please don't take these images from here - I'll be adding them to FB tomorrow evening - Click Like on 207SENIORS Facebook page, to be noticed, and if you would tag yourself that would be gnar! thanks



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