Move Over Voodoo Donuts, There's a Holy Presence Here!

Colorado finally got a Voodoo Donuts - the long lines are sinful. They opened it up on the worst street and place possible, Colfax street. Which has a reputation of....ummm... super sketchy, devil infused sin playground for diseases. Okay, so not that bad, but I wouldn't walk around too much in the Day time, let alone at night and I'm a big dude who can handle myself. Bunny trail! 

Now, there are some great things Voodoo do do. (does do). Vegan, cereal toppings, more flavors than Baskin Robbins, and all this in a pink box with a witch doctor on top. Let's be honest Portland Oregon has done some things correct, but let's also be honest they will never be as good as the original Portland, no matter hard they try.  They are just an "okay sequel movie" (good try Jarjar Binks). Portland Maine is the original Portlandia because it was explored in the year of 1525 when Spain landed in Nova Scotia and explored Maine as well. They even (with permission) brought back back to Spain several Maine Natives. (My facts are correct, I checked Wikipedia and various websites. ;p)

Enter Holy Donuts! It's like God and his angels laid holy hands on this small donut maker (which like the whoopee pie was invented apparently here) and yin and yang was restored. Another Bunny Trail.

Back to the reason for this blog!!! I had about 10mins inside Holy Donut's East End location. Okay, I'll be honest our districts here are a little messed up, so no idea which district this is in, but it's defiantly across the street from our own little central park on Park Ave. I wanted to showcase the Glory, but more importantly a little of the process. Imagine if I had longer than 10mins in here. Imagine if I was in charge of redesigning their website and doing photography and video! A hopeless romantic boy can dream! 

The shots were shot with a Hasselblad H5D 50C and since I didn't have much time or space to shoot, I needed to know my settings before I even clicked my leaf shutter to capture the first frame! Tech speak, geek slang, photographer blah blah blah.. I'll leave it at this. They say good food photography will make you salivate, it will make you hungry and want to eat what you see. Did I accomplish that?

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