Being a headshot photographer outside of Los Angeles has been a really interesting experience. Growing up in California, you hear the same thing ground into your brain; "It Takes Money To Make Money." You'll hear this saying also New York, Chicago and Montreal Canada. It's been only recently that people have started to really grasp that getting a headshot or portrait done isn't just about having a picture taken, it's about an image that "Sells Your Brand."

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Artist, Product Sales, Customer Service, Financial, Politician, etc. etc.. All people that must bring a level of consumer confidence in what you are "selling." 

Mindy (as 50% of my clients) found me doing a google search. We chatted briefly on the phone and she gave me some exciting news about an opportunity coming up for her to become a Brand Ambassador for a Product Company who created Chi hair products. She told me she loved my style and it was far different from what she has seen. She needed something that was going to WOW these talent scouts and knew I was the one who would help her do that. BOY!!! Was the pressure now on!!!

This was Mindy's first time in a studio or in front of a Professional Photographer, and I would say that we were able to really pull some amazing headshots and create some magic! 

If you are reading this and you need headshots, stop saying you'll get to it later! The time is now to start Branding yourself. There are 10 ways to get in contact with me. :)


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