Did you know that Male models didn't exist before Zoolander was released back in 2001? Before Derek Zoolander even graced the big screen with his really, really ridiculously good looking features. In fact, most attractive men just worked at places like Lifeguards stations, Starbucks (making Orange Mocha Frappuccinos of course), and the occasional movie theater (It was my summer job). 

Okay okay all joking aside, and if you read this blog and don't know my personality, then follow me on Snapchat (see FB for my Ghost).  I write this as a way of showing no matter the art you create, artist will always be our own worst enemies coupled with those who "only do this fun, because they have a full time job at  hot topic" so they don't need to charge that much. (another blog in there Im sure) 

I did a quick search and there are 400 males models in the state of Maine. How accurate that number is Im not sure about, but I'm guessing it's probably more or less. I'm pretty sure that there wasn't a meeting called by male models and they all agreed on what a fair price is for Basic Port, Advanced Port and Working/Published model would be. The amount that is offered for a shoot can be anywhere from $300-$1,500 for a half day (a lot of variables). Sadly a majority of the shoots done today on what is called TFP. Trade For Print (aka experience and exposure) is the worst thing to ever hit the online world. I can't pay my bills in images. I literally asked my mortgage company if they would take some flower pictures I shot as payment. A silent pause, and I was put on hold. When the new person got back online, they asked my security questions over, because they thought it was a scam. I felt bad, but I needed to be able to write this into my blog. 

A new model can be responsible to not only make a living, but also pay for his wardrobe for shoots, personal stylized shoots and of course who doesn't love to accessorize; Product, anti-shine, toners and creams, gym memberships, and a diet of food helps them look healthy in front of the camera. 

Male models aren't valued to some, and that's not cool at all and as a photographer I get that. I can relate on so many levels. Value is only brought by artist sticking to their guns and paying each other and charging clients adequately.

Final Thoughts: 
The old saying goes, "A dime a dozen" The blog image is a great example of the evolution of artist working together. It's a picture of a male model sitting in my studio. The images shows (slightly) all the equipment I have to use to make his session an experience he'll never forget, and I wouldn't be able to do that without the best of the best with honors sir! There will always be people out there who do not understand. We establish value, Gabe (who just got his basic portfolio done) has now earned some stripes, and will book actual paying jobs easier, and avoid TCP because he is taking it seriously enough to invest into himself. Now that he has, he IS worth more than a dime, people will see that, and will hire him for competitive male model half day or full day rates.

Can't wait to show you his portfolio pictures! 

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