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In The Works!

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What's in the works you ask? For the past couple years, I have been toying with the idea of turning my love for Maine into a possible option for my studio! The past couple months I have been working on a solution to be able to start my studio for high school senior portraits (photos) in Maine and Boston. 

I found a great space that I think would help achieve this goal. It's located in Saco, Me. I would be one of about 5 listed photographers in the city, but not competing (as we artists don't compete against each other.) but rather enforcing the luxury of having a photographer to call yours.  

Saco Maine is rich in History, and amazing locations. IF you have seen my senior photos, it's all about color and textures, and that is what makes me unique. That is what make me my own artist. The space I found is 1800 sq ft. and has a lot of construction I would beed to do over a couple years, but no dream comes without loss and sacrifice. 

So here I sit, submitting the contract on this property to start a 30 year plan to bring portrait photography back to level of appreciation it deserves, at least to me. :) 

Of course we'll be serving all the high schools, from Camden, to Auburn, to Portland, South Portland, heck even down to York. 

What amazing things we can accomplish if we just takes risks!

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