Maine Buy Local Business in Danger

There is a reason why Buy Locals sprouted up. Although I feel they are an "exclusive club" now that you have to be apart of before they will want to see you grow as a local business, I do get the "trying to keep local business be the dominating factor for our cites."

I've realized in 18 years of business that we need to Jab(7) before we Right Hook. Thanks GVee! As a small business we are always striving to get money to come in, and we know it takes money to make money. So how do we strike a balance where it's not just about us? First you must understand basic economy before you opening a business. The reason why corporate companies succeed the way they do is due to their charitable giving. See my point. That Jab needs to happen before the Right Hook.

I'm not against Buy Locals, in fact I am part of one! What I am against some Buy Local mentalities of, "we won't help you grow as a business until you pay!"  That to me being about local business, let alone supporting. Show people the power of a Buy Local networking reach, jab buy helping them grow so membership dues won't be a hesitation and the will even jab back. The more we jab the more we feel inclined to as, and the more we are given. I hope this changes, and I hope we can find a way of all business having a JAB without having to be ASKED. I want to see business grow and I'm sure the heart is in the right spot, let just try a new approach. ( I will say that South Portland / Cape Elizabeth does have that Jab to be listed on the site for FREE, which lead me to buy into the membership dues, to support the volunteer staff creating and organized events! Keep up the good work and cant wait to see others follow and even SoPo/CE BL change some things as well. 

So here is my Jab! I'm giving out Promos to help the small business get started. AND if you are not a Buy Local member, I'll pay your dues for the first year. 

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