There's no holding back. There's no misunderstandings. There is no giving up.
There are tears. There rejection. There is frustration. There is working hard. There is rewards!

I received a email from someone wanting headshots. It was a referral from my good friend and my personal hair stylist Chris. I was pretty excited, because it's what I do for a living after all. People call, schedule their session, and become clients who commission me to create what they need.

Being photography only fell into my life around 4 years ago, I really had to alter my business plan since I wanted to take it seriously. It's pretty exciting and scary all at the same time.  I've had this idea of what I wanted to shoot, but being a full time business owner doing Video, Graphic Design, and Website Development, it's hard to get out and "try" to find my photography style. So with each shoot I really get to develop my style.

So why all of this information about me, when it's suppose to be about the actor and male model Gabriel Beury-Moore?  I'm exactly like my modeling clients. Finding my way, my passion and my directions. In fact, my last two Male Model session have been guys who are are greener than emerald isles. That means Zero in front of the camera experience, Zero body posing, Zero thoughts about facial features, and micro expressions.  This means they are just a ball of clay ready to be modeled by an artist. And I am that artist. As an artist and business owner, I have my doubts insecurities and fears. However, when I start talking to my new client, I ask a bunch of questions and really just listen to them. I show the most authentic me I can, so they feel like they know me. Doing this helps me get to know them and feel like we have a connection. It's very rare that I turn a client down because I feel that we won't work well together but when I do, I just gave them a chance to find the right artist for them. It's not always about the win, it's about fairness. 

My process is new, my eyes are new, my fears are new, and so are my "new to acting or modeling" clients. When they show up to my studio, all that garbage and noise just flows out the my head and we start being creative, having fun, talking, cracking jokes, and bringing to light our insecurities. That's when the magic happens. We start really working together. Give and take, shaping light between my cameras, lenses, and lights. it's magical to me.

I'm super excited about what you are about to see. I hope that you see what an amazing person Gabriel is and the talent this guys possesses. Lastly, I hope as you look at this basic portfolio that I was commissioned to create for Gabriel's new journey that you encourage him, refer him to people you might know who work with models, and share the crap out of this blog post, so he can book jobs, and so I can book more models and actors. 


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