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I'm Not Ashamed To Say It, "Merry Christmas!"

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There is so much judgement in this world. Seems like most people on each side isn't very caring for the other person's faiths, beliefs, and opinions. 

I have them. You have them. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Our beliefs/faiths/opinions may not align as some points, but you won't ever see me ever missing a beat at the way our relationship, whether work, family, friends, or Facebook friends progresses. 

With so many people hurting, we should stop focusing on the difference and start focusing on making a difference in the lost and hurting within arms reach of us.

 I hope I can be a lighthouse to you. A person whim is out here shinning a beacon of light to anyone lost or in need of a little SOS.

Now it's time to go sit in my chair, prop my feet on my new LL Bean Black Bear Ottomans and enjoy some quality facebooking. 

Thanks for taking the time to read! 


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