Hannah | Model / Project: What do you see when you look at me

I've been waking up way too early the past week and yesterday morning was noooo different. In fact, I had to wake up earlier than the new normal. I had this amazing idea to shoot some foggy natural commercial modeling style images (never shot before) for my portfolio. I wanted to step our of my box and do try something I haven't. This day would prove to be a constant battle of challenges. 

After waking up I realized that I wanted my mocha, but there was no way I was going to be able to have my assistant turn on the machine and for me to make my 12 ounce white chocolate mocha due to the time crunch. We decided to meet our lovely model Hannah out at the first location and that on the way we would stop by a local "coffee shop" and pick up a couple mochas for us all (They need a lot more practice with their timing, and also crafting the perfect customer espresso, that's all I will say about that). 

As soon as we drive into Cape Elizabeth Maine I knew instantly that there was no chance of the glorious fog, so my brain had shut down and I knew I needed to start over with "going from here" attitude. On top of it all my model's car wouldn't and we were now trucking down 30 mins south and trying to find some inspiration of how to shoot without an idea or plan. We picked up the model and she led us to an amazing waterfall just off the ocean (I dont know how far but I know it wasn't far off) lol. 

We kicked around and played around, and we just talked and had a blast. The fun didnt stop there as it continued down to Fort Williams and we would work on some portable lighting (strobist) techniques. We wrapped it up a short time there, and then headed to one of the worst lunches I've ever had at a local place in Cape near the High School.

In our conversation at lunch I was asked a question and it led about who I am as an artist. I said that my trademark style is Vibrant and Razor Sharp with a little me in the image. A I like to leave a reflection of myself in each image. I literally saying that you can actually see me in the pupil of my high school senior who's photos I am taking, model or even a headshot. That's the only signature I need. That's the only way I am able to leave a lasting impression besides the amazing experience we have out shooting.  So here is my Muse for the day Hannah and myself in her eye. She rocked it out for never being in front of the camera, and I can't wait to look through the other images (I barley shot anything for a 2 hour session) that I shot that day. But here is my "sneak peek" even though I hate them for other things, this is fitting for this shoot! This was the only image I looked at and did minor adjustments to.

I'm sure you'll agree she has amazing eyes! Thanks Hannah!  To see more please subscribe to this blog and LIKE http://www.207Seniors.com to be notified when they get uploaded here to the blog! 

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