It was super early and I think I just woke up to a phone call asking if we had any spots left for her daughters senior portraits.  She was refered to us by another local photographer who felt confident that we would deliver amazing images but wasn't sure if we even had room. Luckily we had one cancelation for a family reunion.  BUT here is the kicker. Her schools yearbook deadline was in 2 days. That's means I needed to plan, shoot, edit and present. After a nice shopping spree and me searching for what spot would align with her personality we ended up shooting in Portland Maine? Nope downtown Denver and Historic Lakewood near the new Belmar.  She was wicked shy. I mean introvert. Hmmm both? Haha but after about 10mins she was  standing in the middle of the newly built union station. This session was hands down one of the most ecclectic session I've shot. Now I just need to get a studio metal sample of her and the violin. Maybe a 20x30  acrylic or metal.  Watch her session below I think you see her personality shine! 

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