Cookie Monster Finally Found Someone To Tame His Appetite

Cookie Monster Finally Found Someone To Tame His Appetite

Amy's Best Cookies is only 5.25 hours from Cookies Monster's home town, and I'm sure he would make the daily commute to enjoy the TLC that goes into these cookies. 

I met Amy and at a BuyLocal gathering of other local businesses. We all laughed and played and hung out for what seemed to be only 30mins, but in fact was about 3 hours. I just got done shooting some food photography of Scratch Bakery down at Willard Square in South Portland Maine. 

Amy talked about her cookies like I talk about photography and Espresso. Passion was clearly exploding and it was only a matter of time before she would hire us to capture her passion. 

A couple days ago I met with Amy in her baking space. It's quaint. It's like a cottage on a lake. I could tell this space gets 4 seasons of light and today I would be hoping to get the sun bouncing off an adjacent building and into the main window, so I could make sure I keep the Medium Format Hasselblad H5D 50C and my 35mm Digital Sensor happy! 

Amy is a small business and I love small business. I want to see her grow, so I gave her a promo code and sure glad she used it. I got a chance to watch her bake, and talk about her story.

We started her shoot in the baking area to capture her passion process, and then I took some very warm, just out of the oven, still steaming cookies back with me to my office for a quick studio session. As a photographer & creative director there is so much I want to do with a photo. I mean, I want to make create an image that I would see in Martha Stewart Magazine or on the Food Network website, but my clients budgets, don't always permit that. Small budgets put me in a position to be creative in whole new avenues. It's about taking great image of their product and make you want to eat it. I did a short session in my studio with some green glass, color cyc walls. These images will be used to Amy's website and marketing online. I hope you love them, and trust me when I say! Her cookies aren't something you just try, they are  so good that they are the ones you leave out for Santa.

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