Claire from the beginning had such a classic feel about her. From her look to the way she carries herself, I knew instantly this was going to be a great session! 

This year we are adding video to our session, so you've seen it here first people!! It was just a thought that jumped into my head a couple days before Claire's session. Coming from the Hollywood Film / TV background it gives me even more creative control for my business.  In the short film, Claire mentioned that her current fave song is Ben Rector's Brand New. I reached out to his record label, but they aren't offering to license that song, but I was able to buy licensing from them on another one of his songs (Beautiful). It's all about the little things and I hope she looks back on this blog post 20 years from now and remembers the senior's experience and images that won't go out like a bad pair of crocs :) 

I'm glad that I'm now in Portland Maine and It really has been giving more creative flow in my life, and being able to shoot senior photos here is far from boring, as long as I have seniors who love a Little adventure and enjoy the 207 Senior Experience, because I work really hard for my clients!  

Not much time to book your senior session, so if you are interested in booking now click http://www.207Seniors.com/senior-form

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