Circus Performers, Live Band, Sushi & An Auction

It's 2016 and summer socials have never been cooler! Beside the crazy traffic, and I am from Los Angeles, I know what traffic is. things went really good! I ended up about to shoot from the stage  a concert of Brandi Carlile then quickly realized that this can't be the circus even I was suppose to be shooting. After a much needed hike. (exercise). I got to the most amazing space ever! It belongs to the Circus Maine! The generosity the live circus acts, the food, and the live band all made this night so magical! I hope that everyone had a blast and a safe trip home! I'll post the images on Facebook in a couple days as we are doing the photography and video for Catherine McAuley High School tomorrow!  in the mean time! head over and like our commercial photography FB page and get ready for the images to share, tag, and make your profile pic, just make sure to click responsibly and not crop, edit or alter our images :)




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