She has a personality that matches her beauty and her images really show that off! It was nice to meet Jackie for the second time, this time at my studio on Congress St, which is still so close to Old Port that I still call it Old Port (Welcome to having someone from Los Angeles (giant cities and spaced out) to the small but vivatious city of Protland Maine.)) and we only had 45mins incluing from shaking hands (I'm natually a hugger, but sometimes I shake) and her being walk out the front door by usually one of my assitants or interns. 

I wont bore you with the details, but I will say that my assitant was a huge help by playing babysitter (I could hear laughter over me and my model for the night and the music (which is always selected before the shoot by my clients)). I know my assistant crushed it!  BUT it was however more work for me that night (#pittyparty) having to adjust all my stuff (assitants job) and move some things around, etc etc. BUT over all it was such a smooth shoot. 

Lighting wasnt my normal, and tesated out my more fashion/beauty light set up (think CoverGirl, or magazine covers), but I think it worked really well with Jackie. She had that crazy Sweedish Platinum Blonde with that georgous skin tonet that my Make-Up Artists love! I love you love Jackie;s Headshots as much as her and I do! 


Lastly, I tried to get a great shot of this sweet face, but she was shy and ready for bed 45mins ago. LOL. 

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