Steve has been a client with us from almost the beginning of the switch to offering everything in house. Geez that's been since 2006. For businesses and artists like Steve this wasn't something within their reach. Having a creative team to look in and radially offer what's not being offered. It's funny, those who know the story of my name (AllAboutNow) knows a little about the history of it. I actually started craigslist. Not the actual craigslist, but I started a website for people garage sale locally, and I had major cities and states at some point. It didn't take off, and it wouldn't for a while before the real craigslist really took off nationally. 

Back to Steve :) He is such an amazing person to be around. His house is really cool with unique stained glass and a one of a kind dining room. We wanted to have him stand out from the crowd and really coin himself as The Glass Master!  His website traffic has been up huge and his brand / image has been set in stone. It has been encapsulated and put down in history. He is The Glass Master. 

Hope you enjoy a minute inside the life of this artist, and also some enviromental portraits of him and his work

Caffeine Creative is a Creative Agency, All things Marketing and Advertising whether Digital or Tangle.  Photographer Patrick Jones an Internationally Published Photographer from Los Angeles and now in Portland Maine. I own Caffeine Creative, a Creative Agency. I work with clients from the West Coast to East Coast. I've been doing Photography several years now, but have a long history in Design/Film/Television and Radio. I'm pretty passionate about espresso and making latte art. Follow me on Instagram (SurJones) to see a peak instead a my daily hustle!