The official headshot for the South Portland Fire Department! (More need to be taken, so stay tuned)  

I'm super excited to get these images up for you all to see! Thee images are the ones I was hired to create for the fire department. So much has changed in the perspective of headshots for the department and I hope it leads to more doors for me with other fire departments, police city, marketing headshots! 

The Hasselblad's and other gear we shoot with gets so much detail we are able to make sure that you all look your best! The only other person that will know your face with such great detail is the lives you save. In that moment their senses are so on alert they register your face in immaculate detail, and not the situation at hand. Their focus on the person(s) coming to rescue them will always be the forefront of their memory the rest of their life! What an honor those who really get to know a fire fighter. You guys have the hearts of this city and my reverence! Thank you so much and hope to see ya'll around! Civilians, if you see a fire fighter just a simple wave could bring a smile to them, and teach your children about the importance and bravery of fire fighters! 


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