The market has been hot this past year. This market isn't a just looking market, it's a submit a fast offer, offer higher than the listing price and hope that was good enough. This house is stunning and I can say that it's a house I wouldn't mind owning. 

So here are my personal  3 tips to help you get a house that you want, not the runner up house..

#3 - Stop looking at the FIVERS. I consider these things that you will 90% change every 5 years. Carpet, paint, flooring (wood, tile, appliance etc.) given there can be some accretions, but as investor we call these negotiating nuggets, the more you have, the more negotiable, pricing lowering power you have. 

#2 - Being nice is nice, Gift your agent something special. This agent is helping you plan the next 30 years. Who else does does that. It's important to them, so show they are important to you! 

#1 - If there are multiple offers it's time to work smarter, bot worry harder.  When it's time to submit your bid give an bonus. Given I dont think most people have Season Tickets to the Redsox (heck if I did I probably wouldn't give them up... easily) But how about for the Portland Seadogs, or the Portland Claws. And I am going to go out and bo so bold that if you REALLY want this House/Loft/Condo. Find out where the sellers are moving, and offer a year Country Club membership.

Think these things are extravagant or silly? Doesn't sounds like that the house is your home. 

Need this home? Have a home to list or need to upgrade, downgrade or buy your first home? Contact April Cohen at 207-831-0495

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