3 Things I bet you didn't know were invented in America!

3 Things I bet you didn't know were invented in America!

I'm a sucker for a history lesson, and when I found out some of these I couldn't believe that I hadn't been educated on them in the California education system. So let's get to it! 

1) In 1775, fresh from England, the country was about to create independence and Charlie Chocson a name for himself, but Charlie was soon forgotten due to the counties Constitution being signed. #boo While on the journey here to the New England, Charlie was tired of running for left to right of a ship to get it to turn, or hanging someone off the back end of the boat to get the boat to u-turn. (yes they did get lost quite a bit on the open seas. Charlie vowed to make it easier. Charlie went to the drawing board and invented the steering wheel. 


2) 1953 with the boom of the industrial revolution and when time almost stood still. Women were being subjected to all tons of house wife propaganda and one invention helped women take back their power of choice.

Sally Nordstrom was sick of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner all the 7 days a week. It was hard to sit in the kitchen and make all those meals, especially wearing gorgeous high heels on top of it. She sat one day between cookie batches and jotted down some ideas on her chore list. Those ideas would be more powerful than she thought and even change the world as we knew it! That day she invited the Dough Disc. A round doughy piece that would allow her to use per ribbon winning tomatoes from the garden on top of it. She is quoted as saying, "Once you've mastered sandwiches, the dough disc is the next step in being a perfect homemake." Later renamed to Pizza, (Sally's middle name) it continues to be an american dietary staple.


3) The year was 1835. With the wild west at full bloom. Charles Charles E.P Williams III stumbled on something that would change men hearts first, then women's hearts forever!

Charles Charles' farm caught on farm, when the "methane" from Jersey Cow that he purchased out of the sears catalog and was delivered just that afternoon. Sadly enough there were 3 large pigs and 20 egg laying chickens in that barn that didn't make it. Two things were created that night. While Charles Charles got the fire out, he couldn't help notice a pleasant aroma coming from his pigs. Although horrified, he was integrated. He had his machete to help manage the size of the pig to be discarded. While swinging the machete he slipped and the machete's blade grazed the pig and the thin slice fell onto the still hot metal sheet and crisped up pretty fast. Although horrified the smell of the this pig product made him a little brave and he decided to taste the thin, crispy strip. Tired and hungry, as Martha didn't get dinner cooked due to the fire. He sliced off more strips and had her cook up the remaining eggs and created what will know forever as "Brinner"! Bacon, and Breakfast for Dinner "Brinner" has forever changed the lives of many. 

The more you know!

Stay tuned for my next blog when I educate you on the Conspiracy of the Jersey Cow and how they weren't invented in New Jersey.


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