So this morning started off interesting. Have you ever woken up from a deep sleep with the alarm going off, and you know it's been going off for a while? Well that's how my morning started. I crawled (almost literally) out of bed.. scream in the loudest whisper I could muster up, "All I want to do is drink my mocha," I put only super cute Express Jeans and slipped on my shoes and headed out to Downtown Denver for E-mergency Session. More about that session in an upcoming blog post.

We were shooting, my senior (who got the model for the day session) was warming and I also mean that physically. When I hear a thud... behind me. I spin around, and get ready to drop someone with my legal 2 guns I carry with my at all times, so see this below.. Me, my model, my assistant and the mom all turned around and watching this man literally spiderman DOWN form the 3rd floor. I was able to get a couple images. But this one seems to capture the moment... notice the stuff on the floor.

I personally think he was sleeping in an empty unit, and heard someone coming in and he bolted down!!! 

Just in case you are a humanitarian for the trespasser, haha He scaled down the pipes and to an electric box and finally a simple hop down from there. 

I think if I perhaps was homeless, I might rather stay up in a downtown empty apartment, vs. the street. 

Lastly,  the 4 of us stood and slow clapped this spiderman from getting the ground without dissembling himself.


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