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E-Merge-Ency Senior Session

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"Senior Portraits are a right of passage, not a chore to be checked off the list. " me (lol)

It was a toasty summer morning 3 days ago when a call came in to the bat phone! "AllAboutNow, this is world renowned fashion destination photographer Patrick, how can I help you?" Okay, so I didn't answer it like that, cause in all reality, as most artist, I think everything I create sucks.. Back to the story. "Good morning AllAboutNow, this is Patrick." 

A southern accident light the colors of my day as she said, "We need senior portraits done, but tomorrow is the yearbook deadline for Skyview Academy. I thought oh man what a position to be in, hopefully you just moved to this school, cause that would hard. After looking at our calendar we have a headshot session move up, and had the morning free. 

The morning came, and I woke up to RAIN! Stupid rain.. An emergency client, and RAIN... ewww. I text the mom, that we will shoot Saturday September 6th and quickly got all nice and toasty in my nest, and fell back asleep. 

Today I woke up crazy tired and running on fumes from the day before. Drove downtown ready to shoot. The sky was ugly.. overcast, flat, and eww. The haze of the clouds would darken and lighten in a matter of clicks to my shutter.  The senior (whom I suspect didn't want to have her senior portraits taken) quickly loosened up and started to really enjoy herself. You see, not everyone thinks the same as us sometimes. Being a model a day may not sound fun, or exciting to some, but once they are in front of the lens, I tell you magic happens inside of them. It's like being 5 years old again and playing dress up in your moms clothes.. No, No, I didn't wear my moms clothes, I was more into my Dukes of Hazard Footie PJ's. Being a photographer allows me to get to know people pretty fast. I ask a lot of questions and tell some of my "almost not believable" life stories. 

Drank some espresso. Took some amazing frames, and came home, and napped.......for 6 mins.. wow.. glad I fired up the expresso machine and make a white chocolate mocha.

Here are a couple BTS frames from my awesome assistant. Hope you enjoyed my ummm way of story telling. LOL

Senior Portrait Photographer Patrick Jones with AllAboutNow Based in Greenwood Village, and Saco / Portland Maine Posing his Skyview Academy High School Senior Client around what is some vibrant orange awesomeness!

Senior Portrait Photographer Patrick Jones with AllAboutNow Based in Greenwood Village, and Saco / Portland Maine discussing the age of the lock on the door to his Skyview Academy High School Senior Client. Of course he was only try to see how gullible she was! Apparently not very :)

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