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Headshots or Headaches?

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I've realized that so many people get their headshots every year. In fact, 12,140 people each month in the United States gets their headshots each month (okay not a real statistic, but if you think about the amount of people times the amount of new professionals entering or switching industries then I am sure it would be a pretty high number).

I adore shooting women of age. (a nice way of saying older women) I think they are usually more down to earth, but more insecure. NOT all, and not talking about my recent headshot session with Real Estate Agent Patty Ranberger of Denver, Colorado. 

We joked around for about 30mins here in our lovely studio. I upgraded some equipment that triggers our lights wirelessly, and she was a champ to allow me to play with them. I just don't shoot headshots, I freeze frame portraits of people in the most impressionable time in their life. That very moment in my studio I have the ability to shape their confidence in a positive way, or a negative way.

I got some fantastic shots of Patty and I am sure you will agree she does look her very best.  Scroll down to see the email I got from her today! 

Thanks Patrick!
I will be glad to refer you!
In fact, at the office today I got a compliment on my picture... I didn’t know that there was an advertisement (flyer) for your business, that included my picture, along with Herbs.... I told this agent “It was all you, making me look my best self”!

All the best,
— Patty Ranberger Metro Brokers * Realtor

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