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20 Images That Made Me Lose 5 lbs

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What makes a good image? Sharpness? Color? Detail? Perhaps? But can you tell a story from the fruit section in under 5mins? I have been shooting some food photography the past couple weeks , and using main(e)ly my macro lens. I mean heck it's one of the best lenses ever made for macro, and I got it for pennies!

So my challenge today was to head over to  Whole Foods in Portland Maine (had to break out my corporate connections to be allowed to do so lol)  and shoot with a "normal" lens. Can I make something look inviting, vibrant, and make you stare at each image for a couple seconds admiring the content of "its" character. :)  It was fun, and in under 5mins I got some great shots, which I think can show you that image is only as good as the story it tells. 

Oh ya, I didn't lose 5lbs, but when I left and grabbed a Boxcar off the new menu over at Union Station, formerly known as Prince.. oops I mean Dogfish - I left fat... yes fat and obese, so umm ya.. back to Whole Foods tomorrow, this time to eat some of the food.. samples, because I can't afford you Whole Check! 

It's only Tuesday? Dang it! 

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