130 FENWAY ST. PORTLAND MAINE | AGENT: Jean and Richard Murphy

Young and married?  One or two kids? Single and need an office?  This house is the perfect fit.  Heck, I'd buy if I didn't already own.  It's tucked off the beaten path, but within 30 second drive to get to Congress St. Shaws, Autozone, and Sinful Kitchen, you'll see how easily it will be to get out in those winter months. 

Hardwood and tile throughout. Updated since it was built in the 60's with modern paint and open floor plan, and newer windows. Did I mention the garage with the red door? It's awesome, I wouldn't mind turning that into a nice office or playroom for my furry babies!!! You'll love all the light fixtures, the deep soaking tub, many tall trees and year round sunlight.  If all of this didn't convince you to buy this house, it's a 10 second walk to your own access to Fore River, and the Portland Trail which goes right to Thomason Point!!!  Oh and if you want room for a movie theater and a bedroom, you'll have plenty with full open basement!!!  

This house is dressed to impress. This house will have multiple offers, so make sure you submit your highest offer, so you won't have to go through the bidding war to get this. 

To submit your offer in this HOT market please contact Jean and Richard Murphy at 207-712-4796


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