Portland Maine Aerial Photography - Drone Pilot Video - With FAA Class C KPWM Authorization

Hey!!!! - It's been a couple months and I really need to blog more about my awesome clients, but I've had this new client I wanted to show off and am excited to share with you!

I was recently hired to do a pretty indepth commerical job. Aerial Photography from a boat, Photography and Video from a chaser boat (thanks to my 2nd shooter Brittany Jones from http://www.207Weddings.com who crushed the sea level shooting/video!!!!) 

My client who is Calendar Island Sailing Company, LOVED the images and I'm sure you'll start to see the iamges and video in their marketing (website, Instagram, and also printed materials). 

I love these images and set the aerials of the Yact to be rim lit by the sun to create texture and a sense of powerfulness to the Nicte Ha 58' Yacht. 

That water was super choppy, and the wind was crazy at around 25-30 knots with gusts to 45knots. All this and we have 1mins to capture from while launching the unmanned aerial device from a MOVING chaser boat with 10 people aboard, or and also landing it back on the boat.. I like things shaken, not stirred. :)

Hope you love the images and video

On a serious note:  I'll say that's always is more infomation that anything. If you are looking to hire someone who offers Aerial Photography or Video, please make sure they are not only FAA Licensed, but also Authorized to fly in the airspace (which in Portland airpsace (Class C) goes from About N. Yarmouth to Old Orchard, Past Peaks Island to parts of Gorham and Westbrook), it's all illegal without FAA Authorization and Aiprot Tower commincation to fly.  I always tell people this - Would you ever suport a person who is illegally doing Dentist, Lawyer or Doctor work on you (or heck how about a Airline Pilot (haha))? Most likely not, and they both by illegalling practicing can have jail time and their license revoked and a $10,000 fine per incident. And even if they are Licensed they maybe not have authorization to fly in that airspace. Not to mention it really hurts the business to who took the time and money to Legally operate and making a living from.

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