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"Grow thick skin kid."  That was the first good advice I received from a person you have all watched on the big screen. In fact, I have actually received that about 10 other times from other A-Listers that I have done charity work with.  I have also found one of the major reasons for hearing the infamous sayings, "we decided to go in a different direction." or "you just aren't the look we are wanting for the part."  Sometimes the right part will be casted not based on your amazing Goodwill Hunting Monologue, it's casted on your appearance. You would be surprised how easy it is for a director to coach you through the part, of course the on set acting coach will help as well. The time wasted at castings can be 2+ hours sometimes. They called you, cause you probably look the part and want to see if you can be molded. But you walk in after waiting 2 hours, you get in front of them and they look down and you don't look like your headshot you've just wasted 2 hours. Might as well leave without opening your mouth. Again it's not that you aren't talented enough, but rather you now don't meet their vision.  Spend the hours at castings that will get your apart. Update your headshot with any major change in your appearance. Toddlers to 23 should be every 6 months to a year (depending on your physical growth) We keep our prices affordable and even offer a FollowMe Collection that gives you a certain # of personalized sessions over 3 years. (also good for different markets. For example, headshots are different for Hollywood, Chicago, and New York.)

One of the greatest passions is the continual support of our beloved film/tv industry. We find we are getting more and more high schoolers wanting headshots at the time of their senior session. We will definitely get a couple, but always suggest a personalized session for headshots.

Choose from a clean, professional indoor session, or an exciting outdoor photoshoot experience with chic urban settings or soft, flowing countrysides.  Between our studio and all that the Portland Maine area has to offer, the options are virtually limitless!  It’s all customized around the vision you have, and the initial consultation will help insure that your photos will come out the way you desire.

No matter which location you choose, at AllAboutNow we keep up to date with current head shot and portfolio industry standards for casting of independent film, motion picture and modeling as well as for cosmetic showcase and marketing, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge with your professional images. 


Mr. Zack's Headshot Session! Commercial Catalog. Target: Gap Kids and Jack & Jill  - To see A LOT more images from his session please click the image or [ here ]